(Day 23) Simply Being Thankful

rose-186452_640I have been away for a week as I needed to step away from the distractions of the online world. I have been so tired and just barely able to keep up with my necessary daily functions. I found out today that my vitamin D level is very low so that’s why I have been so fatigued.

I am so thankful to have an answer!

I was also pleased to learn that my A1C is the lowest it has been since I was diagnosed with diabetes. In March it was 9.4 and now it is 6.6. I know it will get much better when I am able to get back on my health journey again. My food and water intake has been good but I need exercise in my life again.

It will happen! I am confident because I am inspired by my progress. Now I just pray Lord heal me by raising my vitamin D levels so I can stop taking naps every few hours. In Jesus Name, Amen!



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