(Day 12) Thankful for Doctors

medical-563427_640Went to see my doctor today and I am so thankful that she is not the sort that just throws pills at me. While she did alter my current medication, she didn’t try to push the newest drug on the market. Many of my former doctors seemed to just be in the practice for the pharmaceutical kickbacks and it used to drive me crazy. I am thankful that I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I was heard for my concerns and we had a great discussion.

The other thing I like about my doctor is that she doesn’t try to push weight loss surgery down my throat. I went down that road about 11 years ago even to the point of having a surgery date set up but God said No, So when God says NO, it means NO! I had a few doctors that always tried to push the gastric bypass. I’ve had many friends who had the surgery, some with good success, some with short-term success and some with no success. God made my organs to work perfectly, I am the one that chose to eat too much food and be lazy so why should I surgically alter my body because of my lack of self-control.

Some may not agree with what I just said and that’s okay. We can agree to disagree. I am just saying this about me. It’s a personal issue between every individual and God. For me, it’s not an option. My option is to continue to yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead and guide my journey to weight loss. My doctor supports me as well and she is willing to help in any way even if it’s just holding me accountable by checking in with her on my progress. I like that very much. I look forward to getting my blood results to see if any of my life changes so far have helped with any of my values.

IMG_1934I am looking forward to getting a handle on my fatigue so I can get back to exercising. Somehow I think I need to push through it and stop making excuses. I really am exhausted though and it’s not because I am lacking sleep. I will get there. I did gain 3.4 lbs, this week though but I will not let it get me down as I didn’t do anything to contribute to losing weight this week so what more should I expect. Hey, this is a journey not a sprint so I will just keep moving forward.

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