(Days 8-12) Learning to Plan Well

photo1My sincerest apologies for not getting my days 8-11 written in a timely manner. I actually failed to plan well. However, I am using that lesson to help me move forward not just in this 31 day blogging challenge but in my health journey as well. As I look back on the past week I can see that it is time for me to be intentional about planning. My goodness, this is such a new area for me. I am such a spontaneous person when it comes to my personal life. I just go with the flow most of the time and find myself overwhelmed very quickly.

It is time to make a change in this area. My daughter has been asking me to work with her on meal planning so that we can have healthy meals without spending so much money. Currently we buy our own individual food and most of the time we don’t cook in the house. I don’t like the idea of meal planning because what if I don’t want the meal we planned for a certain day? I know, silly isn’t it?

Then when it comes to taking care of important errands on a weekly basis. My typically strategy is not to have one. I go and take care of things when I think of it and usually I am either right on time by the skin of my teeth or I am late. Well I believe the Lord has been nudging me to get it together for a while now. A year or so ago I took a 24 hour period and literally wrote down every single thing that I did throughout the day. It was eye-opening and propelled me to download different productivity apps on my phone and work on prioritizing my life. I think that worked for about a month.

The most interesting thing about this is that when I am at work I am much more organized. I;m sure it’s because I have to be in order to get my work tasks completed timely. The question I have asked myself this weekend is, why don’t I organize my time? Proverbs 16:3 says ” Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” I have a friend who has been talking about how she takes her schedule to her prayer closet and asks the Lord how to organize her days, weeks and months as well as her goals. Over the weekend I heard the same thing from another source and I realized that the Lord is trying to get my attention.

So this morning I took a notebook to prayer and wrote out everything I needed to get accomplished and even put some times into the plan. The Lord really helped me put it all together and I must say that I have completed just about all my tasks for the day. Now I just need to make this a habit every day. I’m confident that this will bring so much freedom to my life. I am pretty sure it will keep me from running like a crazy woman and not sleeping enough on days when I just try to do too much. When my daughter comes home tonight, I’m going to tell her that I am ready to get those meal plans in the works. To help hold me accountable to this, I am going to take you on this new journey with me. Please if you have any words of wisdom to share in how to be more organized I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Blessings to all and thank you for taking the time to stop by today.

4 thoughts on “(Days 8-12) Learning to Plan Well

  1. Maybe as far as the meal planning goes, make it flexible. Make 2-3 different foods for the whole week, put one of each kind in the fridge and one of each kind in the freezer. That way you have 2-3 choices each day and won’t feel as trapped. That’s what I’d do personally and something I hope to do soon myself 🙂

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